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Humanities Serving Irish Society (HSIS) and Its Partners

Funded under cycle four of the Programme of Research in Third Level Institutions (PRTLI), the Humanities Serving Irish Society (HSIS) initiative is a partnership of equals committed to developing an inter-institutional research infrastructure for the humanities. Consisting of the Royal Irish Academy, six of the seven Irish universities, Queen’s University, Belfast and the University of Ulster, the HSIS consortium is building a joint national platform for the coordination and dissemination of humanities research, teaching and training at an all-island level. In recognition of its unique multi-institutional membership and all-Ireland remit and experience, it was agreed that the Academy would act as the central coordinator of this new research infrastructure.

Within HSIS there are multiple research/training clusters collaborating together as follows:

An Foras Feasa

The Global Ireland Institute

Texts, Contexts, Cultures

Unaffiliated HSIS Partners